Recruitment And Selection Issues In The PGO Case

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The PGO case shows us a company that has experienced a lot of difficulties implementing its corporate culture in the host country environment, which result in different issues for its Human Resource Management such as gender issues, recruitment and selection, developing, corporate culture and others.

The topic chosen by the author of this essay is the recruitment and selection issue because it is one of the most important tasks of Human Resource Management. Recruitment and selection within an organization is an integral part of that organization’s overall human resource management and planning (Robert Compton, William Morrissey, Alan Nankervis, 2009). For every single company is necessary to hire the so called ''right people'', which are confident,
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There is some difference between them: Recruitment is the process of bringing a person or persons into the organization. It starts with the decision to recruit and continues through to the induction and settlement of the new employees (Ed Grimshaw, 2009). Selection covers the process of deciding between a group of one or more candidates who is most suitable for a particular role or organizational profile. It extends from the screening process up to deciding which successful candidates to make and offer of employment (Ed Grimshaw, 2009). According to these definitions we can see that the main purpose of recruitment is to select the best candidates for the organization, as well as, to attract more and more employees to apply in the organization. On the other hand, the main purpose of selection process is to choose the right candidate for the right position in the organization. Recruitment means encouraging employees to apply to certain positions which make it positive process, while selection is somehow negative process because it involves rejection of candidates who are not suitable. But, of course, these two concepts cannot exist one without the other as the recruitment process is immediately followed by the …show more content…
With the exorbitant cost of hiring and training an employee with the job and soft skills matching the job description, making a mistake in this arena can substantially harm net profit for the entire year (, 2015). It has a significant influence on the motivation of the employees and on their overall satisfaction. Every company can choose between internal and external recruitment or use them both, in order to be efficient and enrich the internal environment in the organization. An internal recruitment strategy is characterized by promoting employees from within an organization to fill upcoming positions (, 2015). This strategy is cost effective because when companies hire internally they save a lot of money on training, recruiting fees, advertising and even travel and relocation costs in some cases. Moreover, it is easier for employees to succeed at a new job in the same company because they will likely understand the company’s culture and the processes in it. And as a result they will cope with the new position easier and faster than a new employee who will require training. But of course promoting one of your best workers into a supervisor is not always a good call. Not everyone have the necessary leadership qualities, there are people who can be great at the job at hand. If you promote such a person to manager role, he may find himself lost because his skills are very different

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