Recruitment Agency Essay

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1.0 Executive Summary 2 2.0 Objectives 3 3.2 Industry 4 3.3 Competitors 5 3.4 Services Offering 5 3.5 Keys to Success 5 3.6 Critical Issues 6 3.7 Technology 6 4.0 Marketing and Advertising Strategy 7 4.1 Mission 7 4.2 Marketing Objectives 7 4.3 Financial Objectives 8 4.4 Marketing Mix 8 5.0 Management Team 9 5.1 Management Talent and Skills 9 6.0 Financial Plan 10 6.1 Balance Sheet (at start) 10 6.3 Break-even Analysis 16 Recommendations 19 Conclusion 19

1.0 Executive Summary
PakkiNoukri is an online recruitment center which operates from Karachi, as a recruitment agency in the main business area of Karachi that is I. I. Chundrigar Road.
Establishment of PakkiNoukri
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We offer jobs for job seekers and candidates for organizations. PakkiNoukri is providing its customers a wide range of quality candidates and jobs in order to help the organization to achieve its goals and objective. PakkiNoukri will try to fulfill the following benefits that are important to its customers. * Attract and encourage more and more candidates so that they can apply for the available openings. * Make pool of quality candidates for short-listing. * Satisfaction at both end (organizations and candidates)

Based on Michel porter’s five forces model, we have to be active in the follow fields. 1. Rivalry among competitive firms 2. Potential entry of new competitors 3. Bargaining power of suppliers (means jobs providers) 4. Bargaining power of customers (means candidates)

3.3 Competitors
Our direct competitors are and who are the market leader for the online recruitment industry in Pakistan.

3.4 Services Offering
PakkiNoukri provides recruitment services to its clients for their time to time requirement of quality staff. Following are the list of services that have been offered: * Job Posting * Making of candidates’ pool * Initial screening and interview (if required) * Subscribe mailing of jobs (to candidates)
3.5 Keys

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