Recruiting and Staffing Proposal Essay

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September 28, 2014
To: CEO, Human Solutions Software, Inc. (HSS)
Re: Recruitment and Staffing Proposal

In follow up to your request, I drafted a recruitment and selection proposal for your review. The proposed methods for the senior level positions will streamline our processes and align them to the organization's business strategy.
My proposal includes:
Three recruitment methods.
Three selection methods.
A cost/benefit analysis and comparison of the approaches.
Metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of the ongoing recruitment and selection.
As part of our recruitment and selection strategy, it is very important to assess the candidate's true interest in our organization and their position within the
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If we are able to improve our branding, we can save money on traditional recruiting methods because viable candidates will be asking us to hire them.
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests that organizations should not use social networks as the only recruiting tool because "not every job seeker uses social media". This could cause adverse impact " on those who are economically less advantaged, which may correlate with certain racial and ethnic groups".
Structured interviews makes it possible to compare qualifications and reduce equity concerns at low internal costs.
Telephone reference interviews are the best way to get more depth about the candidate's character and background. "Past performance is the best predictor of future success" (SHRM).
Assessment centers can be expensive; however, their tests are more valid because the candidates would be evaluated by many different experts. According to a journal written by Gunderson and Haynes, "Numerous studies have determined that the assessment center method has greater validity for promotion and selection than traditional techniques. Having been developed on the basis of job analysis, it is inherently valid and has proven to be a better indicator of future success than any other tool yet devised". Furthermore, if they are easy to defend if challenged due to their fairness and objectiveness.
Based on a study by the Center for Creative Leadership

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