Reasons For Pursuing Higher Education Essay

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At the tender ages of seventeen or eighteen, students are pushed to make crucial decisions about their future that may impact the rest of their lives. Some choose to enter the workforce or the military while others choose to further their education. Like other decisions that are made during this period of one’s life, the decision whether or not to pursue higher education is based on each individual. This decision can also be very complicated and complex. An individual’s income level, maturity level, family support and the area where he or she lives are just some of the factors that must be considered to determine college choices. More students are choosing to enroll in technical colleges as an alternative to traditional universities because they offer unique benefits to a diverse set of learners. Student enrollment in technical colleges is increasing because they provide job related training, they are more affordable than two year or four-year universities, and their admissions requirements consider learners of diverse abilities and skills. Job related training means that the school is preparing students for an specific job while providing them them with information and training. At traditional universities, the focus is more on academic skills such as writing and math. Technical colleges focus on the exact skills necessary for future jobs. For example, someone can go to a technical college to become a barber, and upon graduation the student is a licensed barber.…

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