Public Colleges Vs Private Colleges Essay

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The major difference between public colleges/ universities and private colleges lies in how they are founded. Public colleges are those that are largely supported by state funds. Private colleges, are supported by tuition and donations from alumni and friends. Usually they are more expensive than public colleges/universities and often offer the best financial aid because of that specific reason. If you attend a public college/university in your own state, you will get a break on tuition costs which is known as In-State tuition. If you attend a public college/university in another state, you will probably not receive those benefits you are able to receive in the state you previously lived in. When you go to compare the figures on all of the schools you are planning to attend, they should not be surprising. If you know it is a very well-known school, you should know that there might be a big chance that the figures are pretty high. When I started to look at the medical schools listed on the budget list I created, I knew that the figures were going to be pretty high so therefore I was not surprised. Harvard and Stanford University are well-known for being two of the best medical schools, so of course the figure is going to be high up. According to, there are …show more content…
Many students typically receive merit-based scholarships for academic achievements although some can be awarded for special talents or other personal characteristics. If I could give advice to high school students, I would tell them to start searching for scholarship opportunities early instead of waiting to get to college or their senior year like I did. Before going to the need-based aid which is awarded to a student on the basis of financial need, they should always look at the merit- based aids. You are not obligated to pay the money back for merit-based aids unlike some need-based

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