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The Benefits of Going to a Community College

Today in our society a huge amount of people thinks that community college is a bad college. They also thinks that community college is waste of time. And the students student that attend community college are not a good student. But have those people ever thought about how community college is actually beneficial?. And why do some student attend to community college?. Community College is extremely beneficial because it can save a lot of people money, allow students to get some idea of what a four year college is like. Along with it giving students the chance to improve their GPA, and that is only some of the best benefits. Community college is also a way to get former students that have dropped
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Going to a private college could be extremely expensive and hard for student’s to afford. Specially for the student that just graduated from high school. They usually don’t have a job or have a job that pays really low. So because of that most of the students don’t have the capacity to go to private college’s. Making it the best choice to go to community college. The tuition is extremely low and most importantly student can get financial aid. Financial aid is the biggest reason people should attend to community college. It's like basically going to college for free. And students can concentrate more on their college course work instead worrying about money to pay for their tuition. And finally the on there biggest way community college can save student money is transportation plus students don’t have to stay in campus dorm. And in private college students have to pay thousands and thousands of dollar to stay in college dorm. And the students don’t have any choice not to stay in dorm because of transportation. Transportation is extremely expensive plus a lot of students don’t have to ability to afford a car or the expanse of a …show more content…
Unlike a few of the other colleges, so that the students can become capable to balance their social, school, and private lives nicely. Those who have a job can coordinate their classes around their work schedule and for those that spend their time taking care of the family or volunteering at shelters and centers. This also tying back to giving them the taste of independence while teaching them to be organized and keep a leveled mind while taking on responsibilities. For the students to have their own pace when it comes to their classes helps it to get them into the routine of understanding why it is that they need or wish to continue to educate

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