Reasons For Leaving My Former School Essay

725 Words Aug 7th, 2016 3 Pages
Since I left the college which I attended freshman year, my relatives have been in something of a state of panic, barraging me with questions as to why I wanted to transfer elsewhere. It 's been difficult to answer them properly because, in truth, there is no single reason, but rather, a variety of reasons. Here I will lay out, as concisely as possible, these reasons. Naturally, there were practical reasons for transferring, but there were also personal reasons. My personal reasons for leaving my former college are of chief significance to me, my family, and my circle of friends, but in this context, I suppose that the practical reasons are more relevant. Therefore, I 'll get the personal reasons out of the way first, which could be summarized as follows: in general, I felt the social environment of my former school was detrimental to my well-being. As the college was miles away from the nearest town or city and I didn 't have any means of personal transportation, my activities were confined to the campus. Furthermore, it was an all-male institution, which, combined with the geographic isolation, served to create a socially imbalanced environment, (as I believe interacting and conversing with both genders in person on a regular basis is surprisingly quite important for a healthy social life). In many ways, I felt like a fish out of water— the culture embraced by most of the students seemed to be nearly homogenous, and though I was able to build up a small circle of…

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