Injustice In Theatre

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Mr. Holmes bounced around the front of the theatre classroom as dozens of keys jingled from his belt loop, eagerly pointing to the whiteboard filled with exclamatory phrases written in capital letters such as “Project!” “Create!” and “Yes! And…”. “The ‘Yes! And…’ rule,” he exclaimed, “is the most important rule of comedic improvisation. In a scene game, should your scene partner provide you with a piece of information about your character or the situation, you always accept the idea, and add on! We never reject the idea because that would drive the scene into the ground, and prevent any kind of further character development.” “Excuse me, Mr. Holmes, but what if your scene partner has a terrible idea? Do we still have to accept it?” …show more content…
And if the idea of the application process itself isn’t daunting enough, understand that most good theatre programs only accept around six to eight girls per year, out of the hundreds of thousands who bear their souls in auditions. The fact that I had not been accepted to any schools for both academics and drama was not only disheartening, but sadly common among most girls my age who pursue this …show more content…
Throughout the past year and all my adventures of various college rejections, I’ve come to learn that failure makes me a stronger person, and that it’s not something I should be afraid of. Until this past May, I never would have dreamed that I would spend my freshman year at a community college, but here I am, proud to have made the adult decision that will be the most beneficial for me in the end.
As I think back on that day in theatre class, I realize that the “Yes! and...” rule is essentially how I live my life now. It takes courage to accept the hand you have been dealt with certain situations, but I have learned that without this acceptance, there is little possibility for growth and new beginnings. I find myself burning less daylight dwelling on the negatives, as there is so much I need to get done to get where I’m going.
My decision to attend a community college for a year taught me what it means to make the best of the situation you are faced with and how important it is to go through with tough decisions not because they are what you envision for yourself, but because it is the adult thing to do. I am a human being and my emotions do not always have happy endings, but in this case I feel as though the choices I have made and the path I have committed to follow are leading me to the top of my mountain, and in a few months time, the view will

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