Racial Division Affect The Advertisement Of The Product Essay examples

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Division between races has always been an issue in American culture, and in many ways has shaped our country in both positive and negative ways. So, how does a picture related to the topic of racial division affect the advertisement of the product? In this specific picture, a Caucasian little girl is standing next to an African American girl who appears to be the same age as her holding a bar of soap. The young white girl is looking at the African American girl in a very quizzical way. The caption of the advertisement reads “Why doesn’t your mamma wash you with fairy soap?” The young African American girl is looking back in a very distressed way, like a child looks at their mother when they’ve done something wrong and are being lectured for it. Advertisements throughout history, have used racial puns in order to sell their product in a more effective way. However, to put this picture into context, it is clear by the implication of this add that it was used in a different time frame. This still does not make it acceptable by any means in my opinion. The reason this picture uses this technique in this add is because as I said, takes place in a different time period. In these days, which I assume to be the 50’s or 60’s, possibly later, it was acceptable, even expected for there to first be segregation between races, and secondly for the African American race to be degraded and suppressed in order to help build the society in which white people belonged to. The designer of…

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