Quality of Work Life Essay

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Quality of Work Life is becoming an increasingly popular concept in recent times. There is an all round demand for developing the humanised jobs which can satisfy workers’ higher needs, employ their higher skills and make them better citizens, spouses and parents. Quality of work life is one of the most interesting approaches in organization. Employees at the grass-root level experience a sense of frustration because of low level of wages, poor working conditions, unfavourable terms of employment, in human treatment by their superiors over their conditions of employment, inter-personal conflicts, role conflicts, job pressures, lack of freedom in work, absence of challenging work etc The jobs need to be
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In other words, family life and social life should not be strained by working hours including overtime work, work during inconvenient hours, business travel, transfers, vacations, etc.
J. Richard and J. Loy defines quality of work life as “the degree to which members of a work organization are able to satisfy important personnel needs through their experience in the organization.”
Nadler and Lawler provide a concise working definition of the quality of life as “a way of thinking about people as well as an organizational effectiveness and the idea of participation in organizational problem solving and decision making.”
Richard E. Walton explains quality of work life in terms of eight broad conditions of employment that constitute desirable quality of work life (QWL). He proposed the same criteria for measuring quality of work life. Those conditions criteria include:
Quality of Work Life programs can be evaluated on the basis of following points:
a) Fair compensation and job security:
The economic interests of people drive them to work at a job and employee satisfaction depends at least partial, on the compensation offered. Pay should be fixed on the basis of the work done, responsibilities undertaken, individual skills performance and accomplishments.
Job security is another factor that is of concern to employees.

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