Concept Of Unfinished Business In Gestalt Therapy

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1) Please describe the concept of unfinished business as used in Gestalt Therapy (2 points)
a. Unfinished business refers to the idea that clients have some unresolved conflict that is holding them back at the present time. In other words, unfinished business can be described as the feelings that are associated with certain memories that the client is not completely aware of. Moreover, Gestalt therapists may use the process of figure formation to better understand how the individual organizes or experiences the environment. Within that process, then, the unfinished business will likely be discovered and/or exposed.

2) Please describe the differences between the following confrontational styles: imposing stance, competing stance, confirming
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neurotic anxiety (2 points)
a. Normal anxiety is not disproportionate to the given stressor or threat, and does not involve or cause an internal conflict. In addition, normal anxiety is consciously and practically confronted. Normal anxiety is also said to occur in all separation experiences throughout our lives.
b. Neurotic anxiety represents extreme fear and anxiety that hold you back from being able to function properly. Moreover, neurotic anxiety is out of proportion to the stressor or threat because some sort of internal conflict is occurring.

6) Please pick 3 of the 5 basic needs (belonging, power, freedom, fun, and survival) and explain what these are according to reality therapists (3 points)
a. Love and belonging is looked at as individuals’ need and desire to give and receive love, to be involved with different things, be in close relationships, and possess the feeling of belonging. Without the presence of this need, individuals may be much more vulnerable to maladaptive behaviors and
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(2 points)
a. The quality world refers to the way an individual would like to live. It includes pictures, memories, beliefs, and people that have made a positive impact on the client throughout his or her life. Essentially, the quality world is like a personal picture album comprised of positive entities from your past. During difficult times, then, people will pull from their quality world to help cope with the given situation.

8) According to Adlerian therapy, what are the three universal tasks? Please describe these as they pertain to individuals. (2 points)
a. The three life tasks include a social task (building friendships), which looks at an individual’s ability to make friends and maintain friends. Another task is the love-marriage task (establishing intimacy), which looks at an individual’s ability to have trust, intimacy, and compassion towards his or her family and/or community. A subsequent task is an occupational task (contributing to society), which looks at whether or not the individual’s job is meaningful and satisfying to them. Adlerian therapists argue that all individuals should address the tasks because dysfunction in any one of them may lead to psychological

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