Final Exam Reflection On Psychological And Personality Disorders

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Final Exam Reflection Paper Even though we covered quite a few topics in Psychology 2301, I have chosen chapter fifteen that covers Psychological and Personality Disorders because this chapter held the most meaning for me. The following five topics are the ones that I’ve chosen for their relevance in my life. In chapter fifteen we covered psychological disorders and we learned that anxiety disorders can come in a few different packages but share common characteristics such as experiencing fears that are uncontrollable, disruptive, and disproportionate to real anger as well as experiencing body tension, apprehension, and physical agitation. The one that I can identify with is the Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This is where you basically worry …show more content…
This is my older sister Rachel to a T, as well as an acquaintance of my in-laws named Holly. Now I’ve know lots of girls who are vain and self-centered and like to be the center of attention, but these two women, Holly and my sister take it to the disorder level. Example one, when my sister Rachel wants something she will flirt with or seduce whomever to get what she wants. This means anyone in a position that could benefit her. Years ago my sister and I lived together and we went to the county fair, where she proceeded to flirt inappropriately with the carnie operators so she could get on the rides, play games, and get snacks for free. It was disgusting to watch and I did not approve, so I told her so and she got mad, and demanded that I pay for her stuff if I had a problem with her behavior. She’s incredibly fake and self-centered, and has done this multiple times, mostly at bars and night clubs, but at a fair? Come on that’s just sad. Example two, the acquaintance named Holly. First let me explain that she is not related to anyone in my in laws family, she is not dating anyone in the family; she is barely friends with my two sister-in-law’s. Since last Thanksgiving she is always coming over uninvited and demands the attention of the whole room. She’s young, twenty one years old and acts like a spoiled brat, so I know she’s got some growing up to do, but this recent Thanksgiving holiday I went back home to see my fiancé Eric’s family and guess who showed up? After dinner, we were having a few drinks and she starts hanging all over Kurt, Eric’s father! He is in his late fifties, happily married, and Holly will not leave him alone, she was all over him, touching his arm, giggling inappropriately etc. After two hours of this, she

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