Psychological Components Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder Essay

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Psychological Components of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Ellyn Rachelle Boggess
Liberty University


The feeling of anxiety is a natural reaction to stresses. It can be a healthy natural reaction that keeps us safe in dangerous situations. Without some sort of a natural defense mechanism such as fear, that can cause and anxious feeling, humans would go around doing dangerous things all of the time. Yet for many people that anxious feeling is much more than a natural reaction to stressful situations. For many people types of anxieties can be a life debilitating disease, in which normal everyday stressors can become unbearable. One of these conditions is called generalized anxiety disorder. Studying the brain can help us to better understand and properly treat those who are affected with generalized anxiety disorder. Our brains have a tremendous impact on not just how our bodies functions, but on our emotions as well. Recent studies have that the cerebral centers of our brain has an association with many of the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder (Chung-Man Moon, 2014).

Psychological Components of Generalized Anxiety Disorder There are many neurological disorders that can have an impact on a person’s emotions and behaviors. Yet one of the most common disorders is that of anxiety. Many will say that anxiety and worry is just a part of our human nature. To some extent that is true. As humans, we need some form of natural…

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