Public Service Announcement: The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

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In the “Don’t Text and Drive” Public Service Announcement, brought to the public by 1 Hour Optical, demonstrates the dangers of texting and driving, with a focus on teens. In the beginning of the video, it is a seeming nice day as a car full of teens takes a stroll on a country road, while blasting their favorite music; when all of a sudden the driver receives a texts from their mother. The text message appearing on the screen in a familiar text bubble. The driver immediately pulls her phone from the deck of her car, and proceeds to reply back to her mother. While doing so, the the vehicle that she was driving began to swerve into oncoming traffic, with another vehicle in its path. With seconds to spare till impact, time is held at a stand still, and both drivers proceed to get out of their vehicles to greet each other. A conversation took place, …show more content…
Since texting and driving has been more closely associated with tennagers, the driver who became distracted,and caused the crash,was a teenager. Therefore the writer used pathos to further prove one of the additional points of the film, (as well as the main point) that texting and driving is most common in teens, and that texting and driving, in general, should be prohibited to prevent the loss of multiple lives. The trail of pathos started from the beginning of the film by motivating the audience to be with in the moment with the teens, as they were enjoying a beautiful day, but the pathos does not end when the film ends, it continues to follow the viewer just as the director planned, because the author intended this film to impact all audiences on a deeper level to insure that the values promoted would be practiced. Thus, this Public Service Announcement did not only discouraged texting and driving, but also encouraged the use of preventive measures to insure that teens understand the risks of texting and

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