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The effectiveness of the major techniques for promoting weight loss

Weight Loss Effectiveness


PSY101- Ashford University

Professor Wright

Within the following paragraphs; I will touch base on the different techniques of weight loss, weight loss therapy and weight loss surgery. Upon analysis; I will summarize in my findings what would be the best course of action via the research provided.
Weight loss: Dieting There are several different dieting plans that people can try in order to maintain weight loss.. Whether they work, depends on the persons' genetic makeup. If one diet works for one person; it doesn't necessarily
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On average, a person who gets this surgery loses 50-60% of their BMI. This surgery is also slower working than the other surgeries available.

Gastric sleeve surgery. Unlike the lap band; with the gastric sleeve surgery; they remove 80-85% of your stomach and give it a banana shape so you can eat food excessively. This surgery is considered effective and not much risk during the laprascopic procedure. Average person loses 80% of their BMI within the first year.

Lastly, we have Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. With this surgery; they cut your stomach in two parts connecting your small intestine to the small part and another part of your intestine to the larger portion of your stomach. This way your stomach is about the size of an egg and the larger part of your stomach remains to break down food particles as it travels down your digestive track. This surgery you lose the most weight; however it can be a bit more dangerous than the others; but not by much

You can obtain weight loss in many forms. It is most effective when you put your mind to it and stick with the health regiment that best suits you. Exercise also gives a person a better sense of well being; causing your endorphins to kick in more. Not only losing weight and being healthy makes you feel better physically; it makes you better emotionally and psychologically as well.

The website webmd touches base on frequently asked questions about weight

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