Essay on Project Scope Capstone 331

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|Project Name: |
|True Blue Tech |
|Date: |
|1/19/2013 |

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We will meet all of their needs and for example – upgrading pc’s, |
|printers, networking systems and tablets. We will also present them options of including other cutting edge technology to speed up business and |
|that will pay off in months. Offering them a competitive rate and also quality, performance, and reliable hardware. Our overall goal is to give |
|them assurance we will do our job to fulfill their needs as best as they see fit. |
|Within the 7 week time period we want to have server complete and working. |
|Network and all workstations setup and working. |
|Have all outsource work completed |
|Have all printers and copiers setup and connected |
|All roles assigned in

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