Reflective Essay On My Action Plan

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My Action Plan
During this semester, I have discovered useful information about myself, and as I move forward, I will be using the various learning tools and skills. However, before deciding how to improve my methods of learning plan, I took the time to review my transcripts/advising worksheet. By doing this, it has helped me determine exactly how many credits I have left, along with the type of classes. Including those, which are not part of my core curriculum. I need forty-nine credits overall, I have eighteen scheduled over the next two semesters, which includes the ones I am taking right now. I would like to increase that amount by adding class to each spring semester one and two. The purpose for me reviewing this was to have a look at
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According to the Index Style, my preferred style of learning is verbal. For instance, using more visual aid will help my learning process. I will be able to see it in my mind as well as hearing it. Moreover, as a verbal learner according to MindTools “I can develop my skills in this area and significantly reduce time spent learning and absorbing information. Use audio-visual presentations (such as CD-ROM and Webcasts.) When making notes, group information according to concepts and then create visual links with arrows going to and from them ("Learning Styles - Learning skills from," para, 2015).” However, because this is an online program, I will have to use the internet to research more visual information. Concerning the other areas of Index Learning, those results are …show more content…
Therefore, by using the buddy system we could remind each other of class assignments, as well share ideas and discuss the details of the course. Even proofread each other’s papers as needed. The buddy system may be harder to do for online classes. Because, it is harder to get to know people when we are online. However, I am sure that it is possible, and it is beneficial. I currently review the syllabus and highlight the relevant information. I plan my time and my personal life to allow time to complete each of my assignments. I will need to “Build in Safe Time” according to Simon (2010). However, the reality is we are human and forget things or complete an online discussion, but forget to hit submit and exit the program. I just did that recently. Another process that has become very useful is SQR3 Method for Study. I have used parts of this the past because it makes good sense to me. For example, in the information on study methods it suggests that you should “Read slowly and carefully, concentrating on one section at a time. Not worrying about how long you take as because you are trying to absorb the ideas (Retrieved from” Sometimes having a lot to read can be overwhelming. Therefore having a format like The SQR3 Method of Reading is a good plan to use. The following Techniques listed below I will

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