Project Management : A Project Manager Essay

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It is common that projects begin with a plan, including time and cost expectations, whether or not the plan is significant enough to have a project manager. No company wants to enter into a project completely blind. Furthermore, even plans that are highly detailed and monitored, ordinarily do get out of scope, and require more stringent controls as the project moves forward.
Project managers are continually seeking new and better control techniques to cope with such complexities, masses of data, and tight deadlines that are set forth at the initiation of a project (Kerzner, 2013). Tools have been developed over the years to address such situations, allowing for resolutions of issues, mid-project. Variables that can cause project delays and cost overruns include: poorly defined milestones, poor estimating techniques, missing program evaluation review technique (PERT) or critical path method (CPM) charts, lacking of a clear understanding of the project, poor program procedures and techniques, or constant changes being made. It is important for companies or project managers to understand the means within reach in order to mitigate damage, and progress the project ahead.
Well defined milestones allow for management to place value on the importance of a given task, decision, or event, including the impact if not met on time or as needed (ITtoolkit, 2016). When milestones are not defined properly, projects may still continue, although the true status may be unknown.…

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