Professional Development Plan Essay

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Professional Development Plan
University of Phoenix
HRM 326

Why is Training Important? The reason why training on a job is important is that training helps people grow within the job. Entering a job market now and having one job isn't for everyone, they want to expand their means, their duties as well as responsibilities. Taking a job where you can learn from someone higher up than you such as a manager, even project manager can help you with your career in the future. That means putting yourself through tests and phases that can help evaluate you more as an employee. One of the most important factors of training is the overall value of the company, you can and companies do have training facilities that just deal with their
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Customer service reps will be able to talk to customers in a calm voice without sounding rude or inconsiderate. “Solving complaints to the full satisfaction of customers is critical in the age of the Internet and social media.” (Anderson, Swaminathan, & Mehta, 2013, Pg.14). Another objective is for customer service reps to explain return and refund policies that are well-spoken, so they are understood by the customer. Customer service reps will help customers understand Amazon’s return and refund policy by explaining the policy in detail for both Amazon and their third party sellers. Training will cover possible solutions, so the objective at the end of training is that customer service reps provide effective solutions that are considerate of the customer’s needs. A solution could be as simple as waiving fees or forwarding the complaint to a manager who has more authority to deal with the customer’s problem. At the end of training, managers will be able to listen to phone calls and review emails with their customer service agents to make sure that they are professional and courteous to customers.

Training Implementation Process
Amazon’s main issues will start an implementation process to correct them after choosing a valid training Delivery Method. The managers and supervisors will be critical in this process, and the feedback they give will set the tone of the

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