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Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan
General Electric has always been a pioneer in technological advancements. In order to succeed in business and be successful GE periodically performs a Need Analysis on areas the company has earmarked for improvement. A Team Concept has been adopted as the most efficient means of exchanging ideas and implementing change. It helps employees develop an understanding of buy in and also allows each to feel important. Inspiring motivation at every level of the company creates an environment of diversity and equal treatment. Leadership, mentorship, and training programs help develop the tools necessary for achieving company goals and tasks. Team B will
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After performing the needs analysis for GE the team identified several jobs that require additional training to ensure communications and direct feedback is established to determine the solution for all discrepancies discovered during research and development phases. Training is necessary in all areas of this process to ensure that GE is providing the correct finalized deliverable in a timely manner, reducing wasted time and parts while conducting revisions, and ensuring that they are producing quality products. To determine what areas need the most training or a specific type of specialized training GE should set up a form of assessment or questionnaire. This will allow the subject matter experts (SME’s) and project managers to express the difficulties they may have encountered or ideas to assist in refining the process to make it more efficient and cost-effective for both the customer and GE.
Learning Objectives
A clear objective should be established before choosing the correct training course is necessary and should be done first. The learning object relates to what the behavior should be that will take place after the training to show that the employee has responded to the training adequately. The objective should also explain when the behavior should occur and what

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