Product Description, Current Market Conditions And Analysis Essay

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Product Description, Current Market Conditions and Analysis
G-RO carry on luggage is a travel bag designed specifically for the on the go light weight traveler who is spending anything from 1 to 7 days away from home. It 's designed with several modern day features which are made to allow owners to carry clothing and accessories in a small carry on bag. It creates not just practicality for the consumer but also ease of travel, a sense of modern day fashion, versatility and also usefulness with a modern day touch of technology
These designs include:
• Separate areas for clothing and computing technologies
• In built battery (24000 Mah) and wiring to allow on the go charging of computers, phones and tablets in their separate purpose built compartments
• Work station for business
Given the current market conditions of Australia is low due to a drop in the Australian dollar and a recession in the resource industries, in particular coal one would suggest this would not be a good time for traveling. The value of buying bags would not be of a high priority amongst consumers of the travel industry. referencing electronic sources of information” (2016).
But recent information from the latest government NVS reports suggest the the travel industry is on a steady incline with more and more domestic flights being caught for small trips. This is the ideal market for these bags to be marketed to. Also with the increase in overseas travellers coming to Australia due to the low dollar…

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