Principles of management and leadership Essay

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Unit CU3957: Principles of Management and Leadership Assignment
Within this assignment I will describe my understanding of the links between management and leadership, the skills and styles of management and leadership, the application of management and leadership theories in an organisational context and planning for the development of management and leadership skills.
1. Management and Leadership Links
To fully explain the relationship between Leadership and Management we need to appreciate that the two go hand in hand, they are by no means the same thing but they complement each other when driving any team to perform and exceed targets within a business. The manager’s job is very task-focused. They often have to follow company
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Steve was fired from Apple in 1985 and then returned in 1997 with a renewed sense of purpose. Steve Job controlled every area of the business in his quest for perfection he lead using a very situational leadership approach, he exhibited very directive behaviour. Employees were recruited into the business as specialists and put into roles that made the most of their specific strengths. Staff turnover was low. Jobs was passionate about his vision and as effective at communicating this to his staff which was reflected in their views of the business (McInerney, 2011).

Managerial Task 1 – Delegating work to the Team
When delegating work to the team it’s important to choose staff members that are capable of doing the work you are asking of them, this requires you to have a good knowledge of your team’s competencies. It’s not a necessity that they have done the work before as this is an ideal opportunity to discuss the task in hand with them and provide them with some coaching whilst they do it – aiding development. It’s important to include them in the delegation process, empower them to decide which tasks to do and when. Ensure that they know they are responsible for completing the task but accountability will still fall under the manager which is why the manager must support them in completing the task to a high standard. The manager must provide support throughout and

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