Leadership And Power Distance And Leadership Differences

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Leadership & Power-Distance
Leadership and power distance can go a long way into how satisfied someone is with their job. Let’s face it, if we don’t like the management and the people that are leading the “ship” of the organization that you work for than you more than likely going to be less satisfied then others. Statistics show that leadership behaviors play a role in how your job satisfaction will be like. A study done by Pub Med. Com shows that 29% of job satisfaction comes from leadership behaviors. They also go onto say that organizational commitment is at 22% and that 9% of productivity is all from how the leader of your group or organization runs the workplace. When you first look at those numbers you might not think that leadership
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An example of this is a previous personal experience in the restaurant industry. I had a situation where a co-worker would be very bossy and demanding when it came to telling other co-workers what to do. She was not any higher or lower in seniority and had no authority over others, however she took it upon herself to become the boss of everyone else. When the issue was taken to management it was basically ignored. She would stand around and rudely dictate what needed to be done, while in turn not doing any of the jobs herself. It became easier to just take the abuse and do as you were told rather than to deal with the conflict of saying no. This made it very difficult to go to work each day and returned zero job satisfaction after each shift. The lack of job satisfaction decreased the productivity of my co-workers. The unnecessary power distance made the other employees not want to do their jobs she was bossing them to do. Everyone was very frustrated and it was not an enjoyable place to be. Had she of taken leadership and suggested or motivated us to work as a team rather than command power and make others feel belittled and resent her, there would have been a higher level of happiness and job satisfaction in return. It was very hard to go to work each day knowing that you would be disrespected and feel so belittled. At the end …show more content…
Someone who is able to ensure that things get done properly and on time while maintaining a healthy amount of power distance. A manager who manages while continuously motivating and encouraging their workers. To succeed job satisfaction employees should feel as though they can go to their management with any questions, thoughts or concerns without hesitation. The management should show their care and concern for all of their workers and make them feel as though they have value to the company. Studies show that when employees feel inferior and that they are just another worker that could be replaced, they have a low job satisfaction. Managers that take advantage of their power, and do not show any care or compassion for their employees greatly affect the end of the day satisfaction. Employees want to feel as though they are wanted, needed and respected when it comes to their role at the workplace. This will in turn deliver much more job satisfaction for both the manager and the employer. In the end a positive environment has a positive effect on the overall satisfaction of a

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