United States Army Leadership Analysis

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According to (Odierno, 2015), the United States Army has been a foremost institution for developing and providing leaders and soldiers of character for over 240 years that selflessly serve the Nation. The army was the champion for freedom and liberty as early as 1775. That commitment to freedom was reaffirmed in 1812, thus providing a demonstration to the world that America would endure; it kept this nation together during the U.S. Civil War, and the ingenuity, heroism, and indomitable spirit of army leadership and soldiers were displayed in World War I and World War II. Whether in Vietnam, Korea, Panama, the Middle East, or anywhere else the army has been deployed, quality Army leaders has uniquely influenced the world and has stood as the nation’s competitive advantage to meet the threats that face the nation.
As stated earlier in this research, the US Army has trained more leaders than any other organization in the world. On a daily basis, Army activities can be grouped in developing warriors and cultivating leaders of tomorrow. Army leadership development programs and practices are not only effective for the military; they are applicable to all civilian organizations, including businesses as well. The development of effective leaders and leadership
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Based on the finding of this study, leadership can be viewed as process. According to (DeSimone, 2011), leadership development initiatives are processes or programs that develop characteristics of leadership, thereby creating emotional connections that support sustainable change within an organization. (Leonard & Lang, 2010) stressed that identifying future talent needs and creating solutions to those needs are very important in succession planning. The challenge is how to create leadership development initiatives than can cater the leadership skills needed in the

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