Preventing Adolescent Binge Drinking : Young People Drink Out Of Weariness

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A majority of young people drink out of weariness, to overlook their day by day concerns or on account of family, school or relationship issues (Educalccol, 2009). I remember me and my friends would go have a couple of drinks when school got stressful, or someone’s parents were being selfish and ungenerous. There were some nights when I did not feel like drinking. However, my mood would change quickly when I heard my friends were going out. I found some research that agrees with my mood changing as a teenager. When a teen 's friends drink, accept, or encourage drinking, the teen likely to drink ("Preventing Adolescent Binge Drinking:", n.d.). At a micro level, high school implicates a lot of pressure whether it is on an academic level or your peers. “Peer pressure begins early. One-third of 4th graders and more than half of 6th graders say they have been pressured by friends to drink alcohol” ("Preventing Adolescent Binge Drinking:" n.d.p.). These factors can cause a lot of stress and anxiety that may cause the adolescent to drink to avoid dealing with the pain (Eckes & Radunovich, n.d.). In addition, there are traumatic stressors that transmit through being embarrassed at school or bullying. I remember as a teenager having the burden of fitting in because high school is full of ups and downs. You may do whatever it takes to fit in, even if that means drinking an excessive amount of alcohol. “In the course of discovering their identities, some adolescents engage in risky…

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