College Drinking Persuasive Essay

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Today when a young adult in his thirties or forties looks back into his college days, two things seem to be prominent. Education and Parties. Going to college has a huge effect on an average teen as for him it would mean independence. A starting of a new era where he makes his own decision. College drinking seems to be very common today. All college students engage in college drinking whether they drink or not. The problem with college drinking is not necessarily the drinking itself, but the negative consequences that result from excessive drinking. Due to the issue, many alcohol companies are using it to their benefit. Although these companies make more money but this step is not viable on the social level. I think she should not go with the …show more content…
College drinking has caused a lot of cases of Death, Assault, Sexual Abuse, injury, academic problems and also health problems. Thus, it is the right step for her to stay away from the competition. Encouraging college student to indulge themselves in drinking more and more would create problems for them in the long term. But if they stay away from the competition they would face problems professionally. This is not a good option as not only this would decrease her profit but also her earlier consumers would go to the other brand which does its promotions better. Younger people in this age group form a lifelong loyalty to a particular beer brand thus it is very important to catch them at this age. Taking everything into a consideration, she should start spreading awareness and aware consumer about the bad effects of binge drinking. The reason why so many teens engage in college drinking is because of peer pressure. Instead of Sitting at home watching her competitors take over their consumers, she should launch programs and events to set an idea in people’s mind to drink responsibility. If they engage in such activities the college and parents would support them too. Being recognized as a socially active company, they would add a lot of new consumers and also increase their over all

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