Persuasive Essay On Drinking And Driving

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Listening to music is a very popular activity that helps people improve their mood. Moreover, music helps to relax and ease pain. While playing music while driving is most prevalent among teen drivers - 93% of teens drive with music, the older generation also tends to enjoy this activity. Most drivers listen to loud music, and most of them admit that they adjust their radio or use their phone while driving. Unfortunately, only a few know that driving with music is often compared to drunk driving. Although little has been done on the research for the dangers of music itself behind the wheel, it has been proven that not only does music affect one’s ability to multitask, but its high volume also slows one’s reaction time. It is known that driving experience and ability to multitask comes with time, and thus it is crucial to young drivers to focus on all aspects of the road. Adjusting a car radio or manipulating a phone while driving is the most common in-car distraction, and therefore, playing loud music or multitasking in the car is unsafe.
Many would agree that loud noises are distractions to all drivers. It is very important for
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Young drivers should take into consideration all aspects of traffic, and it is therefore unsafe for them to keep music as their top priority. It has been shown that teen drivers stand at a higher rate of getting in a car accident in the country, and having discovered that the majority of these drivers listen to loud and distracting music, it is crucial to inform them that driving with music is dangerous. Drivers should themselves realize that multitasking in the car is unsafe as it causes their reaction time to drop significantly. Considering that most car crashes are caused by driver’s inattention, it reminded me of what my father used to say, “drive and think - a second is all it

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