Essay about Presentation Of The Opportunities St. Jude Up Til Dawn

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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the opportunities St. Jude Up Til Dawn can offer students that choose to participate in the organization on their campus.

Central Idea: St. Jude isn’t all about children suffering in pain, just like Up Til Dawn isn’t all about only raising money. Both offer so much more than just medicine to treat children.
Imagine you have a child. You’ve cared for this child since he or she was born, raised them to be exactly how you’d want them to be: successful, strong, and brilliant. Imagine them on their first day of high school, how terrified they are of a new beginning, of taking harder classes, meeting more people. It seems like a pretty difficult situation for them, right? But then it turns out to be different. They make great friends, they ace that first test in that one class they dreaded attending every day, and even make the football team. It wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Now imagine them coming to you with a pain they haven 't experienced before. It harder for them to breathe, there’s a lump on their neck that wasn’t there before, their head feels like it’s on fire. So you do what most mothers or fathers would do: you take them to the doctor. The doctors run some tests and take some blood, you reassure your child that everything will be fine, but then you hear that word that so many parents have unfortunately have had to hear: cancer. This is what happened to Tyler Tankersley’s parents when…

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