Preparing The Future Of A Successful Adult Essay

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Preparing the Future
Despite the natural, physical growth of mankind, the expected mental development from adolescence to adulthood requires much more nutrition than a well balanced diet. Unfortunately, it is apparent that some children are not provided with proper parental guidance during the most crucial years of adult development, and due to this tragedy, the neglected youth relies solely on the states public educational system to further develop necessary qualities of a successful adult. Throughout grade school, children are only required to learn the core subjects of English, History, Math, Science, and as well as health related classes such as Physical Education, and although each of these subjects are necessary for basic education, there are far more important subjects that are neglected by the Board of Education. Courses such as Finance Literacy, Home-Living, and Communication should be mandatory for all students to attend and complete before graduating from high school in order to prepare a successful future for not only the lives of young adults, but for the entire population of the world.
Although the reliance on student loans continues to increase for college students across the nation, the vast majority of American teenagers are not required to attend and complete a Financial Literacy course before graduating high school. According to Jillian Berman, only five states scored an A on the 2015 Report Card on State Efforts to Improve Financial Literacy in High…

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