Prejudice And Racism In Remember The Titans

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One of the best known movies of this century, Remember the Titans, is a timeless classic that is continuously being featured all over the nation. The 2000 film, touched on a subject that has been and continues to be prevalent in our society since the founding of America, racism. The wildly successful film focuses on a newly racial integrated football team in a small town in Virginia. Based on a true story, an African American football coach, Herman Boone, is appointed as the new head coach in order to calm rising racial tensions. Bill Yoast, is a white highly renounced football coach who is made Boone’s assistant coach. The first year of the new team has a rough start as players have strong racial tension towards each other and their new coaches. The white community also gives …show more content…
There are two contemporary issues that the black players of this team face throughout the movie. One of them is racism, or as defined by Sue and Sue (2016), a “blatant and over act of decimation that is epitomized by White supremacy, that denies people of color their equal rights and opportunities.” There are various other examples of racism throughout the movie. Like, when the team goes out to eat dinner, the restaurant manager does not allow the black players to go inside. Or when one of the white player’s mother refuses to meet his new back friend, another is, the white girlfriend telling her boyfriend to not befriend or speak to the black players. Also, the referees purposely try to make the Titans lose in order to get coach Boone fired. Even in the game scenes, racism is present. A white player, Ray, refuses to block the black quarterback, Rev, thus causing Rev to suffer an injury. These are all examples of microassaults, “blatant verbal, nonverbal, or environmental attacks intended to convey discriminatory and bias sentiments” (Sue and Sue, 2016), that are committed against the black players and

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