Jim Crow Laws In C. Vann Woodward's Glory Road

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Jules Tygiel quoted in her book, "Baseball's Great Experiment" a man by the name of C. Vann Woodward as he said, "There is more Jim Crow practiced in the South than there are Jim Crow laws on the books."Jim Crow law forbade whites and blacks from attending the same school, riding on the same sections of trains and buses, receiving the same treatments in hospitals and competing in the same athletic games. It was known that if Black's challenged these laws they would challenge not only everything they have but their lives as well. It wasn't until a man named Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers President Branch Rickey, would try to end the Jim Crow laws in baseball by signing Robinson to play for his team. Thus, the great or noble experiment …show more content…
Glory Road is based on the true story of the 1966 NCAA D1 men's basketball tournament. The movie was made to help viewers understand and see the different challenges that the team had to face in the early years of basketball. Despite the evidence and events that went on during the movie, some of the events are still around today. The team was coached by Don Haskins. Coach Don Haskins was not like any other coach in this time span, he wanted to win no matter the consequences. Getting the new job at Texas Western College he didn't have much money for recruitment. He was stuck between picking average players or going out of his way to get players he wanted. After telling the board he wanted to recruit black players, they laughed and told them that he couldn't be playing that kind of basketball. Even though they doubted him he was determined to get the team he wanted. In the movie, He recruited several black players because they were good and knew the game. This was the first time to happen in this school. After some of their first games playing for the Minors, they realized how their journey was going to be. They faced unfair, difficult situations such as, getting harassed, thrown out of restaurants and hotels and even getting threatened. Even though the team was good and had a winning streak, it did not stop the violence and hatred towards his players. The fans not only mistreated the black players but they did the white players as well. Mistreating them to a point to where they couldn't take it anymore. Everyone on this team soon started seeing a significant amount of racism as and went through it physically and emotionally. Events during the movie such as the team getting drinks and food thrown at them as they exit the locker room for a game. The players coming back from a game to see their hotel room trashed and had threats written on the walls by the KKK, showed us how awful it was for

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