The Importance Of Race And Gender In Sports

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This class on Race, Gender, Class in Sports has made me think of things that I never even thought of before. I played sports, but never thought anything more than I played the sport and I enjoyed it, I never thought of how we got to this sport I play, or how I as a woman am able to play sports, or even how the game came to be. Some lessons I learned over this course are sports have come a long way, each sport has their own history, sports should rely on performance, to not take sports for granted, that race, gender and class are still the foundation of sports, and that we will always have obstacles to overcome in sports. In sports we will always be trying to strive and improve sports through race, gender and class along with trying to rely on performance to guide us in the …show more content…
Race, gender, and class will always be the foundation of sports and cause obstacles for us to overcome. along the way. We can truly get a view on this from the book “Women and Sports in the US”. Gender has always been an obstacle in every thing may it be the work field, voting, and especially sports. I never really thought about women having to fight for their right to play sports. In “Women and Sports in the US” we read stories of women stepping up and going against the norm. In one case we have a woman, Roberta Gibbs, who runs in the 1966 Boston marathon to prove that a woman can run just as a good as a man. Another woman who stepped up was without knowing it was Maria Pepe, a little girl who played little league baseball before she got pulled out because she was a girl. Maria had played three games. Only two years later would protesting lead to girls being able to play in little league, but unfortunately Maria was too old by the

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