Positioning : Positioning And Positioning Essay

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Positioning occurs when a brand attempts to influence a customer’s view of their product in relation to other opposing products. Positioning is also a part of the marketing tool STP, which includes Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning.
Positioning Strategies

(Punjaisri, 2015)

There are many positioning strategies, some that are functional and others that are expressive. Functional positioning is based on having a positive influence on consumers as well as focuses on solving problems. However an expressive form of positioning is more about the emotional benefits that are sensitive to you, for example if you look at the Heritage strategy in the image, this is more personal and explains that people may purchase products based on the quality of the countries products. Additionally, customers may take pride in their home country, and may only purchase products that are made in or purchased from their home nation.

Repositioning Strategies
(Punjaisri, 2015)

Repositioning occurs when you adjust or change the perception of a brand in the minds of its customers. Although repositioning strategies are important to a company that may be suffering from declining sales, Chris Fill states that repositioning is difficult to accomplish, often because of the entrenched perceptions and attitudes held by buyers towards brands and the vast (media) resources required to make the changes (Fill, 2009). Evidently, there are four types of repositioning strategies. Primarily we…

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