Pizza Hut Case Study: Pizza Hut And Organizational Performance

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1.1 Introduction
Nowadays cooperate world has become too complex and competitive, organizations are looking to new and advanced methods to keep the employees with bound to the company and also to increase their productivity. Practices and policies are amended accordingly and continues search for the research findings are also on top priority list of the management. Pizza hut one of the world’s largest and also Sri Lanka’s largest casual dining restaurant chain. It’s selected to looking at multinational exposure and also establishment criteria in Sri Lanka. The company has won the Great Place to Work TM award (USA Based) for three consecutive times in Sri Lanka and having a major shareholding in the fast food restaurants in the country.
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Rationale of this project is to justify that organizational culture is properly introduced and fix to the genes of the employees. Organizational culture is impact on employee’s performance. Nowadays organizations are looking to new mechanism to simulate the employee’s performance and organizations are facing challenges to engage the employees. Employees are leaving from the organization for various reasons and organizations culture is the main reason for the employees leaving. So link between the organizational culture and the level of performance of employees is the most important thing for organizational success
1.1.2 Background of the company and current situation of the company
Pizza Hut is the Multinational biggest restaurant chain. Pizza Hut already has 46 outlets and grow at a phase of minimum of 6 new outlets per year, keeping the required culture across the stand alone outlets can be the biggest challenge. So by doing the research work, and by understanding the strong and weak points of the culture, centralized and de-centralized mechanisms can be introduced to the leadership team to practice and protect in their own territories.
Ultimately, if the senior leadership team and the board of directors accept the correlation between the two factors, it can be a very healthy platform to take business decisions going forward. As already the management has taken drastic
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But in case there has a week relationship they cannot easy to achieve their targets, because those types of companies depend on highly active and efficient

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