Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal Essay

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Physician Assisted Suicide

Picture yourself lying motionless in a hospital bed. Various tubes, wires and bands tangled over your body. Feeling as though all the life and ambition you ever had is being replaced with nothing but the side affects from the drugs pumped and dripped through your system. The very thought of control ceases to exist. You no longer have control over what leaves or enters your body, you lose control of sleep patterns, thoughts and ambitions; worst of all you lose control over the value of your own life and happiness. Is it fair for someone else to decide whether you die with dignity? Is it fair that you lose the right to decide what happens to your own body? Is it fair that someone else can decide when your pain and suffering comes to an end?

I believe that Physician Assisted Suicide should be made legal in the United Kingdom. The duty of the National Health Service is to provide medial care and treat patients accordingly in the best possible way for their situation. What then is best for a patient who is terminally ill, with heart disease or cancer? Their suffering is completely subjective. A doctor who has never experienced terminal illness will have a different opinion from a patient with terminal illness on assisted suicide. Just like doctors will disagree with each other on the matter. Patients will also have different; the bottom line is when an issue that divides as much as assisted suicide does is brought to the table there should be…

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