Argument Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

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Physician-assisted suicide is the act of a physician providing a patient that meets certain criteria, normally a terminally ill patient, with the means and information to end their own lives. Patients are prescribed medication and choose when or if they are going to take them. A physician doesn’t have to be present at the time of the administration of the drug. It’s legal in four U.S states and one county; Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and Bernalillo County in New Mexico. Physicians are not required to provide the information and prescription medication to patients. Physician-assisted suicide should be legalized because patients deserve the right to determine their own fates, it gives patients an option to end their suffering, and it …show more content…
They believe that it’s not right for a doctor to give their patients the means to end their life. Doctors are supposed to do everything in their power to heal their patients. They also believe that allowing doctors to assist their patients in ending their lives or by refusing to, will lead to lines becoming muddled and people will lose their trust in doctors. “If physician-assisted suicide were legalized, then a patient who is, or even just appears to be, terminally ill might very well worry that her physician secretly intends to kill her. As a result, the patient may not tell her physician everything she needs to know. Indeed, she may even refrain from seeing a physician altogether” (Ken Levy). There comes a point in a terminally ill patient’s life where they can’t do it anymore and they should be able to at least have the option available to them. In an article by Reed Karaim, David J. Mayo contributed to this article, by telling the story of his father, who was 93 and dying of colon cancer. His father “remarked to his nurse enrolling him in hospice care that “the sooner this is over with, the better.” At that point, his final life-projects were closing down. His only remaining fundamental interest and concern were the time and circumstances of his death” (Reed Karaim). Not everyone has depression when they ask so this option. Life just becomes hard having to get up every day knowing what they’re going to be facing and not knowing when it’s going to

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