Persuasive Essay Against Assisted Suicide

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Against Assisted Suicide In many countries around the world, it is legal for doctors to prescribe a medicine that can potentially end a patient’s life if the patient wishes to commit suicide. In the United States, four states -Vermont, Oregon, Washington, and Montana- are the only states which have chosen to legalize assisted suicide (Backmann par. 6). Physician assisted suicide, also called assisted suicide, has become an extremely sensitive topic that has been debated by everyone, from academic scholars to everyday people, and has become almost as controversial as abortion. After conducting extensive research, I have concluded that assisted suicide should not be legal. Though I believe that assisted suicide should not be legal, there are …show more content…
Firstly, though I believe assisted suicide is a matter of privacy, government intervention should be used as a means of controlling the issue. There are so many ways in which assisted suicide can and would be abused if it became legal in all fifty states in the U.S.. Also, I believe that assisted suicide is morally wrong. Killing oneself is an immoral activity that goes against the fundamental forces of nature, so giving a person, even if it is a doctor, the licence to kill would be an erroneous law to make. Furthermore, for centuries, doctors have been trained to save people. The essence of becoming a doctor is to care for and salvage human life. Legalizing assisted suicide would completely change the meaning of being a doctor by allowing the people who do all they can to save lives to legally have the permission to end lives. Finally, I believe that assisted suicide should be illegal because there always a chance, even if it is slim, that a person can survive an illness. Though some people are considered to be “terminally ill”, they still have the hope of living through the sickness. Though surviving a terminal illness may not be considered probable, the possibility of living is always something to live

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