Physician Assistants Not Only Increase Patient Satisfaction Essay

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Physician assistants not only increase patient satisfaction, but also can be cost-efficient for facilities. Healthcare costs and price were both increasing extremely, resulting in less jobs available in the medical field as well as patients unable to afford to visit the doctor in order to be treated. This affected many in the nation, the more rural areas being hit the hardest. So the country needed a solution before everything went to chaos. The government took notice of the PA program quickly and began to finance it in multiple schools across the United States. Physician assistants are able to do many of the tasks that primary physicians usually perform, allowing facilities to require fewer primary physicians. When comparing the techniques of a PA and a primary physician, many PA’s use less equipment and lab tests to treat patients. In a study conducted by Roderick S. Hooker PhD, from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, found that “in every medical condition managed by PAs, the total episode cost was less than a similar episode managed by a physician”7. This study shows the financial impact PA’s have on facilities by achieving the same quality treatment of physicians but conducting fewer costly tests. The study also finds that patients treated by PA’s tend to visit the office less than with physicians, opening up time for other patients and saving the facility money on repeated tests.
Salaries are another factor in the cost-efficiency factor that physician…

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