Philosophy Of Becoming A Teacher

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Ever since I was a kid my dream was to become a math teacher. Each year as I advanced a grade level, I could remember my teachers saying how hard teaching can be. While some say if they could change their career, they would. While others say no matter how much headache being a teacher, they would do it at any moment. The teachers that I had would always leave a good impression on me. This has lead me to becoming a teacher because of their ability to share their knowledge and passion. Even though sometime I may not get the concept right away in class I will spend hours trying to look up how to understand that concepts and topics. I will always find a way to master that information. Another reason I would like to be a teacher is because I would …show more content…
Without their knowledge and advices, I would not have been as intelligent as I would today. Even though I am not an educator yet, I understand their pain that they have to deal with whether is the education policy being changed each year to dealing with students who are misbehaving in class but at the end they still feel contented. A successful teacher must have patience. No matter what grade level one is teaching patience is needed in the classroom. Teachers need to be able to tolerated all forms of disrespectfulness and misbehavior that goes on in their classroom. Also when they are teaching a lesson and if a student(s) does not understand they need to be able to explain clearly or again and they can take patience from the class time. Without patience the classroom would be …show more content…
It is true that school life might take most of your day up just grading paper, making worksheet, revising lesson plans and putting lesson plans. Some teacher may stay late after their teaching day just to do all this school work on top of teaching four to five classes. Another concern is getting the information across to students. Each period has different duration. Sometime it may need to take more than a period to get the information across for the students o understand. One can extended into the next day, but the curriculum is so packed that one needs to cover by the end of the

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