Education Is An Important Part Of My Life

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Education has always been a huge part of my and me family’s lives. When my mom had me she was in her ninth year of teaching high school English. This being said, I can not remember a time education was not predominantly represented in my life. From learning my letters and colors in books at home, to elementary, middle and high school, college and then my career as a teacher, the love of learning has always been an important part in my life. Learning at home. Truthfully I do not have a ton of memories from this time, what I can remember I will definitely share, but I know that education was valued and important in my family. Both parents were raised in homes that put school first. Both parents are college graduates and both parents have shared the importance of school and definitely instilled the motivation in both my brother and me to be successful in school. My mom took us to preschool during the school year where I have many memories of playing but also of instruction. I am so grateful that from a young age there was …show more content…
If you look in my fifth grade yearbook on the page with my face it, you will see that when asked at that age, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It will read that I responded with, “A math teacher.” I didn’t remember this until after I had already become a teacher and came across it at my mother’s house. Apparently I have always wanted to be exactly what I wanted. I have a complete passion for math and have always loved the subject. The idea that there is unbelieve world that some of the greatest minds put together and related it to life (and it works out every time) blows my mind. I love the idea that if people approach a problem in different ways, there is only one answer. Being around a teacher my whole life, I had an idea I was going to be one. I care for people and enjoy making a difference in peoples’ lives. Also, knowing that my mom and I are very similar in personality, I knew it would be a good

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