Phree Case Study Marketing

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Marketing Programs Three marketing programs are going to surface in order to involve the public and increase brand awareness. These marketing programs include; trialability sessions, Phree on Instagram, and customization. After some idea generation, these marketing concepts were chosen because of their reach and public relations capabilities.
Trialability Sessions Through the discussion about Phree’s advertising methods, the idea of having trialability stations in Best Buy and at University Bookstores was introduced. At these stations, there would be an interactive display on a screen that would give direction on how to use the pen for different situations. The customer could try the product by writing with the Phree pen
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With its patented innovative technological features and designs, Phree is currently the superior product in the niche market of smart pens which suggests a good time to leapfrog its competitors. By working with a top graphing design firm to create an appealing packaging for Phree, the hope is that the desired retailers (and consumers) will want to invest in Phree. Through strategic channels like Best Buy, university bookstores, and Amazon, Phree will be able to effectively achieve sales goals from the specific targeted groups of tech-savvy professionals and students. Limited in-store promotions of Phree during back-to-school and holidays in-stores can attract price-sensitive consumers and capitalize on the busiest days (in terms of sales) for retailers. The proposed social media driven marketing strategies of sponsoring opinion leaders within youtube such as the Buzzfeed cast, featuring artwork made by Phree users on Phree’s official instagram, and investing in SEM within google adwords will effectively raise brand awareness and generate buzz of Phree. Though implementing trialability stations within retailers and big technology conventions later along the line, individuals will be able to first-handedly interact with Phree, hopefully persuading their buying decision in favor of purchasing Phree. Continuously innovating Phree by allowing experimentation of customization tweaks with different colors, designs, engraving, and functions will allow Phree to maintain competitive advantage and attract more individuals. The proposed marketing plan will allow Phree to take full advantage of its current strengths within the market as well as build a foundation of brand awareness and brand loyalty in order to obtain a market leader

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