Essay on Persuasive Speech - Original Writing

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We needed a place to live as soon as possible. Luckily a farmer in town let us come live in his vacant farm house if we were willing to fix it up ourselves and pay rent. My mother was all for it. We spent several days over there before we moved in painting walls, floors, and ceilings. I remember going to school with paint on my fingernails and in my hair. We scrubbed windows I thought would never come clean. By the time we moved in, we had a brand new home!
We still didn 't have money in this home. Our mom became a substitute school teacher and finances were tight. I remember on more occasions than I can count, eating grilled onions for snacks because we were so hungry and there was nothing to eat. We must have been given onions by local farmers because I remember large sacks in our cold storage basement. We also had gnats. We had bites on us and they were very frustrating. There were times we had no heat in the house and no wood to burn in the fireplace. We would get so cold. I remember my mom would just say she didn’t have the money for the coal.
Almost instantly the landlords on the farm didn’t like us. It was more than obvious. It was because they felt they were helping out a young single lady with five beautiful girls and trying to be a wonderful Christian only to keep finding a ugly yellow dodge van parked outside repeatedly when they milked at 11pm and then again at 4AM. My mom still claims to this day, the Greasy Haired boyfriend named Justin never stayed over, he…

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