Should Gun Laws Stop Violence Essay

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Will gun laws stop violence?
Almost everyone I know, knows what a gun is and what it is capable of. We know how dangerous they can be and how much damage they can do, but is eliminating the second amendment and taking our guns really going to stop any kind of violence with guns from happening? I would have to say no, because even though guns can be “banned” or “illegal” there will still be ways for people to get them just like they are getting drugs and other items that are illegal right now, whether it be an everyday citizen that does not feel safe without one, or a gang member that feels they need it to survive. There is still going to be violence with guns regardless of what the law is or what it says.
The Second Amendment grants all citizens the right to own and bear arms whether they have been in the military or not. Some may say, “Guns are causing violence”, and yes, guns have been used in harmful ways before and still are to this day, but they are also used to help protect ourselves on the assumption that national security is threatened (Bowman). It is not the gun that is causing the violence, it is the person that is using the gun. Some people believe that taking away guns is going to get rid of all gun violence, but we all know that is not the case. For example, Seung-Hui Cho, (the Virginia Tech
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It is all about control and how it is used. People are always so quick to judge things such as people who use guns but most of us are only using them out of protection. There is no guarantee in this world and if a gun is helping us to feel safe, then so be it. We should be able to have them whether there is violence going on with them or not. because regardless of what happens and what laws and rules there may be, the violence is always going to be there. This world is not perfect and I highly doubt that it ever actually will

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