Pro Gun Control Laws Essay

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Why should Americans have to give up our rights to the government even if they are not being used? Gun control is a debate between two sides, one side is wanting stricter laws while the other believes that stricter laws will not help the situations wants to be solved.The government would like to take away American rights to bear arms; that goes against the Second Amendment. Some politicians want to make stricter laws so that buying a gun is really challenging. The opposing side of America’s gun control dispute thinks the country should have stricter laws. They think the laws will lower murder and suicide rates, but in reality guns don't kill people, the hand behind the gun does. The U.S. should not have stricter gun control laws, and these facts will prove that the laws will do absolutely nothing but make citizens who like their rights mad. Gun …show more content…
Here is a blast to the past, what happened in the past with gun control? The pro side of gun control, meaning they vote for the laws, believes that the laws will stop big shootings of gang ups. California has one of the strictest laws of gun control in the United States, but that did nothing to stop the San Bernardino shooting. It seems as if the places with the strictest laws have had several tragedies. A example of this statement is focused on Paris, France with a strict gun control law, they had a misfortunate series of attacks from Isis on November 13. Most of gun control supporters that put power into this debate are ultra rich politicians. Such as Michael Bloomberg who spent most of his life pursuing power and control of the gun control debate. Also, the worlds experiences of gun control in the past should send us a little message, it does not work, people will always find away around it. Let's face the reality of things and check out the numbers the prove that gun control is not the way to

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