Persuasive Essay Pro Death Penalty

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1,264 people have legally been killed and counting by our very own government asserts the Death Penalty Information Center. What are we teaching our children? Killing people is wrong, so we should kill murders. Does this make any sense? There are so many aspects of the death penalty that citizens do not know about nor understand. It is such a controversial topic and widely debated, mainly for moral reasons, yet the facts are rarely used as evidence. As I speak to you ladies and gentlemen in this room today I will share facts from studies across the United States that show why the death penalty is ineffective, too expensive, based on a lack of sufficient evidence, and is regionally and gender subjective. I’d like to start of by sharing

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    The death penalty is the ultimate price to pay. Literally. Not only that, but it is the height of hypocrisy. How can one be proclaimed a killer and then be killed themselves? Is it a fair and just ending, or a waste of time, money and people? We stand in affirmation of the resolved: that the death penalty ought to be eliminated as a form of punishment administered to criminals. Racial prejudice unfairly plays a role when people are sentenced, the cost for death penalty cases is staggering, and innocent…

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    the death penalty in the united state took the lives of 156 people last year, this system is flawed and needs to be re- examined the death penalty should not be used because there is a chance the it is the wrong person that is being executed. imagine a family member or someone close to you was executed for a crime and you found out that that person was innocent. it has happen to some people and this kind of thing should not happen. some people come within minutes of being executed and found inncunt…

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    The death Penalty is where the government can choose to put a criminal to death for something that they have done. No matter how bad the crime is , or how bad the criminal is, they should not deserve to die. There is no doubt that killing another person is that the most atrocious crime that one will commit. however it looks that our government is being hypocritical once it states that execution is allowable, But the person did do a terrible crime it is still not fair to kill them. In southern states…

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