Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty In America

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Caleb Barwick

11 August 2017
Death Equals Peace
Should murderers, rapists, and terrorists be let back in society after serving time in jail just to repeat the crimes they already committed? Well, with the death penalty this will not be a problem. With the death penalty that is not possible for that to happen. The death penalty is necessary for punishment because it can help cut down on terrorism, Americans prefer it as punishment, and it is needed for serious crimes.
The death penalty is a capital punishment where criminals that have been convicted are put to death by the government (Issitt). The death penalty started over 400 years ago in America when George Kendall committed espionage and was sentenced to a hanging in 1608 (Issitt). This
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This is needed because if America let criminals just serve jail time they can get back into society and repeat their crimes. “The Death Penalty Information Center reports that in 2011, the murder rate was 18 percent higher in states without the death penalty” (Issitt). This proves that the death penalty helps prevent serious crimes. If America would have death penalty for serious crimes it will help prevent repeat offenders and also prevent criminals from committing crimes in the first place. This shows the people of America should be very conducive of the death penalty with a stat like this. America has a lot of problems and it can eliminate serious crimes with the death penalty that would be one less thing to worry about. “It is available for murder, armed robbery and aggravated rape — involving dangerous weapons, more than one ­perpetrator, where grievous ­bodily harm results or where the victim is younger than 10” (Callick). In India they made rules about when the death penalty should and should not be used. In the quote above this is when it should be used. The death penalty should happen in the US but it needs to have restrictions. If its only on serious crimes it will be a positive in America. However, Democrats are against the death penalty, but they say there are no equivalents or other options other than life in prison without parole. …show more content…
Many of those are Democrats. “In two of the three times Gallup has asked this question, "persons may be wrongly convicted" has been the No. 2 justification Americans give for opposing the death penalty” (Swift). This is the big thing that they worry about. They are worried America might execute an innocent person. However, they can prevent this by taking extra care in examining cases and evidence to make sure they do not mess up. Also, the rate of believed to be innocent people is very low. Usually with a doubt they might be innocent they just get a life sentence. “although the horrific detai­l once executions start may change some minds” (Callick). Some people are worried that they executions are gruesome and unethical. One of the big ones they are worried about it death by firing squad. They say this is unethical because the way they kill them. However, it saves the taxpayers money because it could cost $.50-$1 for a bullet rather than spending more money on something or America could do the execution clandestinely where no one sees the gruesomeness of the execution. As a result the death penalty is the best

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