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When it comes to the topic of the Death Penalty you have to ask yourself the morality of what you are doing, and if other human beings should have the right to take the life of someone else for what you deem as wrong above and beyond the normal crime. From an economic standpoint you realize that it is extremely inefficient not only in terms of time, but in the sheer amount of money it takes for the death penalty to actually be handed down making it more economically inefficient.
I. Monetary Cost
a. Texas
i. Being the state with the largest amount of executions I deemed it fitting to be seen as a key component of defining how much it really costs to actually have the death penalty take place. ii. On average the indictment to the enactment
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i. California has the highest amount of spending at 114 million dollars annually beyond the cost of just keeping the convicts in jail for life (Jacqueline Brux). ii. The Sacramento Bee a newspaper publication in Sacramento, California states that if the state of California were to remove the death penalty entirely it would add 90 million dollars back into the economy. 78 million of the 90 million for expenses at the trial level alone. (DPIC 2)
c. North Carolina
i. The death penalty costs 2.16 million dollars per execution than the imprisonment of convicted murders for a lifetime (Jacqueline Brux). ii. Philip J Cook a Duke professor states that if the death penalty was repealed it would save the state 21 million dollars of cases in just the trial phase.
II. Time
a. Colorado
i. In Colorado a study of the death penalty efficiency and functionality showed that it took six times the amount of days to pass one death penalty case than it did to pass one life-without-parole case. ii. Life-without-parole cases also only took roughly 24.5 hours of in court time to be resolved. Lastly Life-without parole cases took an average of 526 days to complete whilst it takes 4 years on average for a death penalty case.( DPIC 2 )

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