Essay On Why The Death Penalty Should Be Illegal

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“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” which is how the death penalty basically works, the only actual purpose of the death penalty is vengeance which should never be the reason for any punishment especially being one created by the united states government . The death penalty is something that has been here in the US since the 1600s but has changed and progressed into a less cruel form, it is stated that the first form of death penalty was in the form of hanging and has to progressed to the now used injections which will first put the victim to sleep and then stop his heart from functioning, giving the accused with a peaceful death. The death penalty should be made made illegal in the US because their are many other punishments available …show more content…
In a study done by NBC news, results showed that in 2 cases of the death penalty the overall prices rounded well over a million dollars, while in cases where inmates were put on lockup for the same amount of time that it took as the death penalty case the average price for a inmate was nearly half at around 600k in which both cases were the same time span of 14 years.This information proves that the death penalty is much more expensive, and in which the money wasted in these cases could be put to a more efficient use especially knowing that that money is being supported by the taxpayers: everyone in the community doing well in the community which has to pay for a mistake that someone else did. Stopping the use of death penalty could save taxpayers a lot more money which can then be used for better things such as to enforce the law or make their community better, as well as all the time wasted during the cases could be more efficiently used to go thru various cases. Another reason why the death penalty is inferior is because it does not stop criminals. In a article by Notis she claims how crime rate is actually higher in states where the death penalty is available, therefore proving this punishment does not intimidate or stop criminals, Another reason why this punishment does not scare criminals could be that only a fraction of the people set on death row are actually killed which gives criminals the idea and mindset that they won 't get killed while they continue to do their crimes and why would they make the death penalty avalible if it is not really used. Another reason why the death penalty is unsatisfactory is that there can be accidents where someone can be wrongly accused and then killed, such as in the incident that occurred in 2000 when Claude Jones got wrongly accused and many believe the reason was that technology was

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