Persuasive Essay On School Dress Code

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Ban on Dress Code
School dress code should not be enforced. Teens express themselves by the way they dress. Schools enforce what we can and cannot wear and it is unreasonable. This rule is also a big hassle. Teens own clothes that are honestly appropriate for school, but the districts disagree. Apparently showing too much skin is a distraction, which is not true. Dress code should not be enforced because it is sexist, too strict, and unfair.
The reason dress code is sexist is because teachers say girls’ clothes are a distraction. Just because a girl shows shoulders or wears leggings, does not mean a guy is going to fail his classes. If a boy wears a tank top, he would not get dress coded. The majority of his chest could be showing and a teacher would not say a word. Also, if a boy walked in wearing a spaghetti strap shirt or even a crop top, there is a 99% chance that he would get away with it, considering he is a boy.
It is too strict. Certain style shirts are against school dress code, such as spaghetti strap shirts and certain tank tops. It is pretty ridiculous and unfortunate if a student cannot feel comfortable without getting dress coded, just because her shoulders are showing. Most girls just want to feel comfortable and dress for themselves, not to impress boys or draw
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If a boy gets distracted by something a girl is wearing, that is a personal problem. Females should not have to change the way they dress to help that. Girls get dress coded for small things like tank tops, when boys have no consequences and get away with wearing shirts with inappropriate language and pictures. Thomas Reuters says, “The worst part is by calling a girl’s clothing “distracting,” you imply that she is responsible for any disruptions. That’s like saying that because a store has a cash register, it’s the store’s fault if it gets robbed! So stop and ask yourself which is more distracting: a girl’s outfit, or a rule that makes her uncomfortable at

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