School Dress Codes Pros And Cons

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Dress codes and uniforms have impacted schools in a plethora of ways. They are being created at schools all over the world. Implementing these rules into schools cause many unnecessary problems. Dress codes and uniforms are ineffective because they do not make anything in schools better, such as school violence or grade improvement.
Even though people have their own opinions, dress codes are not an appropriate thing. Especially because it makes female students feel targeted, it sends them a message that they are at fault if they get harassed, and it delivers a letter to females that they are judged/shamed . Wallace said "We need to be teaching the boys (and girls) what appropriate behavior is instead of teaching the girls that they have to cover up to protect themselves from the boys." (Wallace p.1) Wallace is saying that boys are responsible for their own actions and that girls do not need to cover up or else they are distracting boys. Girls should not have to feel bad for their attire because a guy
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Arguments have started between teachers and parents because of disagreements. “School Dress Codes: The Pros and Cons” have stated that "Public schools are supposed to be teaching democracy. Uniforms are antithetical to teaching people how to make choices." (Teacher’s Edition p.1) This is explaining how these rules are not getting anywhere in schools. They are not showing anything helpful in life and just teaching the wrong message to students. "Should Schools Tell You…. But Are These Dress Codes Fair?" described how arguments got started. “Also, teachers do not always agree on dress codes. One teacher might say a shirt is OK. Another teacher might think the same shirt is a problem.” (Scholastic p.1) Teachers relationships are being affected as well as kids personalities. These codes and uniforms are putting a countless number of negative effects on

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